Wednesday, May 26, 2010

work it out

I was at my regular Tuesday evening rowing class last night when it hit me…

I looked around at the other members. There was the middle aged woman in the corner. She’s always talking about her son’s upcoming wedding – the MOG.

Next to her was the young, skinny blonde who actually makes it to the class everyday. She was discussing her recent tasting with the MOG. Mmm, did I overhear “tasting”? Now I understand why she makes it everyday. She’s a bride and rowing is her bridal workout.

Then there were 2 new girls in their mid 20s. One had on a large engagement ring. She was trying the class out for the first time. Her rock was so enormous that I thought it might get in the way of her reps…or at the very least throw off the weight of the dumbbells so her left bicep would be larger than her right. Anyway, by the end of the class she signed up for her bridal workout. I’m guessing she’s a fall bride.

The instructor told us about a bride that he just trained. Her big day arrived last week and, as her trainer, he was pleased with the results. She clearly met her wedding workout goals.

Then there was me – the perennial bridesmaid cluelessly rowing away in the other corner.

How did I not realize this sooner? I’ve joined some sort of bridal boot camp!

-The perennial bridesmaid

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Went to the Phillies game last night. Saw a chick get proposed to by her boyfriend on the jumbotron. It was the only eventful part of the game since the boys lost and only scored one run.

I digress.

This is about the 5th time I’ve seen this very public proposal. It is quite sweet. They play some wedding-esque bells, the camera leans in on the couple, guy gets down on one knee and asks his Phillies-geared-up girlfriend to marry him. She says yes, the crowd cheers, their names are blinking on the screen and we go back to our regularly scheduled game.

It’s what happens next that they don’t show on the big screen. The girl definitely runs out to the breezeway and calls everyone she knows starting with her parents who want to hear the whole story, her sister who wants to hear the whole story, brother, friends, who ever. Before you know it, it’s the top of the 9th and she hasn’t been back to her $75 seat. Nor does she care.

And what happens before the proposal? The guy checks his pocket 42 times on the way into the ballpark to make sure the ring is still there. Then he walks through the gates with his girl. The security guard does a pat down of his pockets like they always do. The guy with the ring nearly faints because he knows what’s in his pocket. What if they make him take it out and he has to propose at the ticket turnstile amongst large crowds walking into the stadium? Ohmygosh, how anti-climatic would that be?

Anyway, he makes it into the stadium with the ring and without blowing the surprise and the girl is still clueless. He does not eat, drink, cheer or talk for the first 4 innings because he is just waiting for the moment that he has orchestrated. He definitely is not watching the game and has no idea who’s pitching. Finally his jumbotron proposal plan comes alive! Fantastic.

-The perennial bridesmaid

Monday, May 17, 2010

perennial groomsman

This past weekend was wedding-free and sure to be quiet amongst all of my current bride-friends. This seems to be rare considering it was a perfect, sunny weekend in the middle of May. How did no one I know scoop this date up for their own?

Well, someone did! Maybe not for their wedding but for a memorable picnic proposal.

Congratulations to one of my favorite people for popping the question to his fabulous girlfriend. She said yes and they are both off the market!

Always a groomsman, never a groom…?
For some reason, that phrase just doesn’t work the same for groomsmen as it does for bridesmaids. This guy is the only "perennial groomsman" that I know.  He's been involved in nearly as many weddings as me. Now he’ll be the groom. I can’t wait to see what my cousin and his new fiancĂ© come up with for their special day!

Will it be 2011?

-The perennial bridesmaid

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

i heart shopping

Even wedding gown shopping.

As I mentioned earlier this week, I spent a good portion of my weekend in bridal shops…4 to be exact. I encountered many types of sales associates or consultants as they’re called in the fancy boutiques. I most definitely formed an opinion on how they can be helpful and how they can be down right annoying to a bride when she’s shopping for the most important garment she’ll ever wear.

Ready for a harsh synopsis of the experience?

When a sales associate can ask what style you like, what your budget is and other important pre-qualifying questions and then turn around and pull 10 gowns that fit that description: that’s helpful!

When an associate says, “There are the dresses. Take a look and let me know what you like.” That can be stressful. There are rows and rows of white fabric, in some cases covered in plastic. We need suggestions. How do we know what styles are where? Not helpful.

When she can tell you exactly how the dress is supposed to look when it’s tailored to your body: helpful.

When she has to ask everyone who works there (not just the seamstress) how the dress is meant to look (trumpet vs. mermaid for example). Not helpful.

Providing accurate product information, prices and timelines on when the dress can be ready by: helpful.

Referring to the designer by nickname and acting like she’s your BFF: not helpful. And annoying.

Intercoms blaring a request for bridal assistance. I guess it’s technically helpful to someone but an overall annoyance.

Fetching yourself water from the water cooler because you’re overheating from the lights combined with the heavy gowns: not helpful.

When she serves you and your entourage wine or champagne: very helpful.

-The perennial bridesmaid

Monday, May 10, 2010

whirlwind wedding weekend

And no one even got married.

It all started Friday afternoon with my first trip ever to David’s Bridal. How did I avoid this bridal warehouse all of this time? There’s an overwhelming amount of racks and rows of satin, lace, taffeta, silk, chiffon, etc, etc. And women in black suits with clipboards. And dyeable shoes. I thought they left with the 90s?

Needless to say, I learned a few new things.

I went in to try on 8 pre-determined knee-length options of apple red bridesmaid dresses for a 10.10.10 wedding. I’ve narrowed my choices down to 2 in just 45 minutes and a total of 4 DB sales associates with clipboards that I got passed between. I threw out all of my strapless options simply because I have a closet full of those already and want to own something different.

To be continued…as I weigh between scoop neck and v-neck.

Day 2 was spent on a bridal dress shopping marathon around the greater city of Philadelphia with our 3.12.11 bride. The verdict is still out on this one but the very first dress of the day set the bar pretty high. Not much could compare. I learned about fit-and-flair gowns and the difference between mermaids and trumpets…yes I am still talking dresses here. I also learned why bridal shops serve you wine while watching your friends try on gowns; since I nearly bought a $400 designer cocktail dress just-because. I’m sure I have a wedding that I could wear it to, right?

Later that evening I was at a birthday party (just happened to be for a newlywed) where I was surrounded by more brides and grooms-to-be. 4 sets to be exact. Naturally weddings and bachelorette parties were a topic of the night. It’s an epidemic!

Finally, Sunday arrived. I was honored to be asked to be a bridesmaid for the 10th time.

-The perennial bridesmaid

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


And just when I thought things quieted down on the bridesmaid front…another opportunity rounded the corner. Here’s how I became a bridesmaid for the 9th time...

In college, the four of us were inseparable never to miss 5 o’clock dinner at the crapateria. Times have changed and we now only get together a few times a year. The food is fortunately better since we’re no longer on a college meal plan and the times together are certainly as good as they were 10 years ago. God, 10 years ago?

This past weekend was one of those times. We were celebrating that the first of the fab four is getting married next year (and has the cliché wedding binder to prove it!). The other 3 of us will be bridesmaids.

How did she ask?

How else but with a sweet bottle of wine for each of use donned with a tag that read “Will you be my bridesmaid?” Of course we said yes and the bride was so thrilled that she fell out of her chair…come to think of it that might have been the wine’s doing and not the thrill of having us all as her bridesmaids.

Naturally, we all shrieked “Absolutely!” just as she did when asked to marry her fiance.

-The perennial bridesmaid