Tuesday, October 19, 2010

oh the places you’ll go

Yes, that is a Dr. Suess book. I couldn’t resist after last week.

So I travelled 2/3 of the way cross country to be a bridesmaid in a fabulous wedding in Boulder, CO. What a picturesque setting. The mountains create a beautiful backdrop for a wedding. Or a simple trip to Target. Which I managed to do the morning of the wedding in order to stock the bathroom basket. As I stepped out of Target and saw the grandiose skyline in front of me, I had to catch my breath. These Coloradoans sure have it figured out!

The wedding was story book. Princess meets her prince charming. They fall in love. Travel to exotic places. Kiss and live happily ever after. Really. That’s the kind of couple they are. They literally rode off into the night in a sleek, white Rolls Royce. Who are these charming people? My family. Lucky me.

As it turns out, I have a large family. At the exact moment this story book event was taking place out west, another cousin was being proposed to back east. Yup, at the very same moment. How is that possible? The charming groom-to-be carved “will you marry me” into a pumpkin! That is one jack-o-lantern to remember. Well played.

You think I’m finished? Within hours of the wedding and proposal, another engagement took place. This one was half way around the world! No joke. One of my friends travelled to Greece with her beau. Little did she know, she would leave a boyfriend behind and come back with a fiancé.

Oh the timing of all of these couples’ milestones! Could it have been the 10.10.10 love bug?

-The perennial bridesmaid

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