Friday, October 8, 2010

perfect ten

10/10/10 is arguably the most popular wedding date this yet. And it’s just days away. Lots of superstitious brides and grooms are getting ready to walk down the aisle on Sunday. I am sure Vegas will be packed and Elvis will be busy.

Ok, I suppose not all the brides and grooms are superstitious. Or are getting married in Las Vegas. Some may just think it’s a really cool date. It is. Just like next year’s big wedding date will be Friday 11/11/11.

This will probably come as no surprise but I have a wedding to attend on 10/10/10. I am a bridesmaid and this marks my first time flying cross country to be in a wedding. Or attend one for that matter. Oh and my last wedding for this year.

I’m looking forward to my trip to beautiful Colorado. I’ve spent the last few days packing, repacking, making lists and checking lists. There’s something about packing for a big vacation that has me reevaluate more than half of the articles in my closet. Anyway. I digress.

10/10/10 here we come! I’ll be signing off for a few days but will be back with some art deco wedding goodness to recap.

-The perennial bridesmaid

Photo courtesy of Perfect Postage.  A great resource for unique wedding postage.

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