Wednesday, March 17, 2010

made up

What is appropriate to pay for bridal make up on your wedding day? I have heard from as low as $50 to over $200! Has this gotten out of hand? Sure seems it.

Exhibit A. My friend, a bride, had a make up trial done recently. She hated it but that’s besides the point here. The ‘artist’ wanted to charge her $175 for bridal make up and all of her bridesmaids would be $75 each. That is the highest amount that I have ever heard for this service considering we are not talking about a celeb make up artist but your average cosmetics-counter-turned-independent make up artist.

In addition to the $175, this woman wanted a travel fee of about $40 AND, get this, a fee for applying false eye lashes. Another $15! ($10 if you bring your own. Ha!) If eyelashes aren’t included in $175, what is? That’s well over $200 for make up for one day. Just extreme!

And why is there a need to charge the bride $100 more than the bridesmaids anyway? Wouldn’t good business sense say to give the bride a discount for bringing all 6-8 of her bridesmaids business to her? After all, hotels usually give the bride and groom a free or discounted room for bringing them a ton of business. Shouldn’t this work the same?

I never really understood why the bride is charged more than everyone else. I suppose it is just the industry. As soon as the word “wedding” or “bridal” is attached to something, it automatically doubles. I made an appointment for a bride friend once for her make up but failed to mention that it was her wedding day. Once they found out, the price sky rocketed. For what? I still haven’t figured it out. No one can ever explain what exactly “the bridal package” includes that makes the price rise so much.

The bridal make up package seems to be made up.

-The perennial bridesmaid

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