Tuesday, March 23, 2010

shower tool belt

Bridal showers seem to pop up left and right on my calendar so it was no surprise when this past weekend brought one along.

The affair followed the methodical bridal shower approach of drinks, lunch, games, presents and cake.

Presents. As a member of the bridal party, I stepped up to the mountain of wrapped gifts to strategize gift opening flow. I like to keep things moving as the unofficial present-passer/re-boxer/stacker-of-unwrapped-gifts. That’s me.

I take this job very seriously. There is a strategy in the gift box stacking, un-stacking and re-stacking. It is no joke and often entails working up a sweat from the circuits of squats, lunges, hurdles and lifting. Let me tell you, I need to start bringing a few extra accessories to get the job done…
  • A weight belt for support while lifting the really heavy boxes
  • A hair clip and sweat band. Forget the blow out. It’s just got to be hair all back while doing this much impromptu strength training.
  • A mister and ice water for hydrating in between rounds.
  • Knee pads would save my knees as I crawl from pile to pile.
  • And forget a cute bridal shower-esque dress. This maid needs some yoga pants, sports bra and a beater to get down to business.
  • Might as well bring a stop watch to appropriately time the circuits.
Perhaps you’ve been there too? If not, you are probably just picturing a scary body builder type woman overtaking a formal Sunday tea.

-The perennial bridesmaid


  1. absolutely hysterical. I witnessed this beast of a job you had to do and you did it effortlessly! perhaps you can start wearing an ipod with some appropriate tunes to keep you motivated through 30 second rests.

  2. I too witnessed this and I think you sweated off a few pounds!! Great job though, perennial bridesmaid!

  3. The present opening can make or break any shower. If you don't have an efficient team helping out with the passing/stacking/note-taking/paper removal, a fun shower can turn into a nightmare. Who seriously wants to sit through 2 hours of gift opening?