Tuesday, April 13, 2010

say cheese

Last weekend alone, 3 couples I know got their engagement photos taken. Do you really need these pictures taken?


Think of it as a dry run for your wedding day. Of course you won’t be wearing the big white dress for engagement photos but it will give you the opportunity to get to know your photographer. More importantly, it will give you the opportunity to get to know your photographer’s order giving abilities. After all, he or she will be directing you to smile. Don’t smile. Look this way. Head up. Look down. Kiss. Don’t kiss. Look at each other. Smile. Now don’t smile. Hand over here. Look away. Kiss…you get the idea!

Most photographers offer engagement photos as part of their wedding package. Even if you don’t plan to order these pics, do it for the dry run aspect.

Other reasons to go for the engagement photos…
  • You’re getting a make-up trial done, aren’t you? Why let that pretty done up face go to waste? Consider scheduling your professional make-up trial and your engagement photo shoot on the same day.
  • Save-the-dates – if you decided yes on sending these out you can use your professional engagement photos for the magnet or whatever it is you’re sending to your guests to the save the coveted date.
  • Are you having a destination wedding? Or simply a wedding that is not in your own neighborhood. Engagement photo shoots broaden the scenery more than your wedding venue may allow. For example, if you live in the city but you’re getting married at the beach, you’ll probably never have professional pictures as a couple that represent your everyday lifestyle. So venture out in your own ‘hood with the photog in toe capturing your “normal” selves. Sometimes these can be the best pictures! 
  • Get to know yourself. When was the last time you were professionally photographed anyway? Senior portraits…just as I suspected. You think you know your “good side”? It may have changed since 1997!
  • Find out if your face really does get sore from all that smiling.
-The perennial bridesmaid

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  1. Excellent advice! Also, this allows you the opportunity to "get to know" your photographer. nothing shows up in pictures like a GOOD relationship with a photographer who makes you feel comfortable.
    They will also get to know the best way to photograph you in the best way!!!