Wednesday, July 14, 2010

i’m baa’ack

Did you miss me? I took a relaxing break from the wedding world. I am still trying to enjoy the July sabbatical but don’t want to leave you hanging so here are some reads.

I owe you feedback about the Rockabilly wedding that I attended. I really had no idea as to what to expect. The invitation advised to dress in Rockabilly attire and drive your hot rod to the chapel followed by a pig roast reception in a barn…sounds like a party. I pretty much pictured the final scene of Grease. You know the one where Sandra Dee lets her hair down (literally) and all the guys are in their leather jackets with cuffed jeans. Rizzo has some hot pants on of course. The backdrop includes sexy muscle cars and a carnival like atmosphere.

My vision was relatively on point but the reality included the following: Photo booth. Records. Polka dots. Greasers. Soda shop waiters. Candy cigarettes. Red lipstick. Muscle cars. Leopard print. Chuck Taylors. Crinoline skirts. Red roses. Popcorn machine. Ice cream sundae bar. Mary Janes. Lucky 13 Mechanic Shirts.

All of these elements came together for a memorable second wedding for the couple. Why do I mention that it was their second wedding? It actually seems that was the key to the success of the event and the theme. It seems that the first time around, one can get obsessed with the details of planning a formal event and overall, the need for everything to be perfect. The second wedding was more like a relaxed party than a formal event. The bottom line is, if you build it they will come. They will even dress in theme for you. Have a good time and as they say, don’t sweat the small things.

Because I am not even sure how I can explain without photos, here goes…

What did guests wear? It was all in the fancy foot wear. Every great outfit starts with the shoes. Let's be honest. So rockabilly ladies wore kitten toe heels, leopard flats or Mary Janes. The guys wore Chuck's or vintage leather wing tip shoes alla Buddy Holly.
Yours truly? I combined pink Chuck's with a polka dress.

The cars alone were enough to set the decor.  The bride and groom hopped into a "Just Married" adorned hot rod after exchanging vows.  They were followed by a small fleet of equally hot muscle cars.  They would have been enough to wow even Rizzo.

I am not sure who to give credit to for this adorable cake but it was right in theme.  The polka dots layered on chocolate with red rose detail were just too cute.  Did you notice the cake topper?  Yes, it is a pink pig.  It was a pig roast reception after all.  I told you how the couple didn't need things to be overly fancy and that was the fun of their day!

DIY table centerpieces fit the era dead on.  Black white checkered table clothes were layered with a record that was adorned by a red rose bouquet in an old fashioned ice cream dish.  Similar records were also handed out to the guests upon arriving at the ceremony.  Those records were adorned with the program of the ceremony.  They also doubled as fans for the warm afternoon.  Clever!

For those of you that don't know, Rockabilly is a style that combines both rock 'n roll and hillbilly music, modernly known as country.  Rockabilly was born in the 1950s.  I've recapped so many of the rock 'n roll styles that were incoporated into this event but let me remind you that the reception was held in a barn.  That's where the country side of things come into the theme.  It was a picturesque farm as you can see.  The barn was an amazing venue for a party.

-The perennial bridesmaid

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