Wednesday, November 3, 2010

harvest time

As you can probably tell, wedding season has slowed down greatly for me. Rather, it has come to a halt until next year. I am still planning and crafting but not nearly as much as earlier this year. I can tell you that January is booked out the wazoo with celebrations so stay tuned!

In the meantime, I am busying myself with all things I love about the end of the year. From pumpkin patches to wreath making! I am passionate about everything fall harvest and the holidays have to offer.

If you are planning a fall wedding, there are so many great natural resources to decorate with. One of my favorite centerpieces is the ol’ pumpkin. It is such a great standby. Of course, you can use plain pumpkins and gourds to create a harvest tablescape. You can also go the mini route with a bowl full of the smaller pumpkins and gourds. But my favorite is the pumpkin planter!

All you need to do is carve a large pumpkin. Make sure the opening is up top and is at least 6 inches wide. Pull out all of the seeds and mush. Place a seasonal potted plant inside. Try a mum, kale or my favorite, an ornamental pepper. There you have a centerpiece and conversation piece in one. It will look like the plant is growing out of the pumpkin! Feel free to dress it up further with raffia or ribbon. One thing I should mention is that you don’t want to remove the plant from the nursery container it came in. The plastic will help preserve the pumpkin longer. If the soil sits directly in the pumpkin, the pumpkin will rot quickly.

Bonus: use mini pumpkins for your place settings or escort cards. Put the name and table number on cardstock that you attach to the mini’s stem.  This will complement the centerpiece nicely.

I made this centerpiece (with the colorful pepper plant) for added fall decor in my house a few years ago and everyone that stopped by raved over it. Imagine the impact dozens of these can have at your fall harvest wedding! Try it for Thanksgiving this year.

-The perennial bridesmaid

photo: wiki

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