Thursday, March 10, 2011


Another weekend passed leaving another shower in the past. This one came with a unique theme. The bride’s favorite place is London, England so we brought Union Jack back. Picture lots of red, blue and a telephone booth.

Fortunately we skipped the British favorite entrée of fish and chips and just stuck to American cuisine. We didn’t have a fryer to make that happen and well fried fish just didn’t sound appealing to serve to 50 ladies anyway. Too bad London isn’t close to the Mediterranean or we could’ve snuck in some hummus

We did manage to get some sugary, sweetness in the form of a telephone booth cake. It was tasty. I wish I still had some but I always wish for more dessert.  I love the phrase on the cake (not just because it has my last name) because it is more personal than generic Showers of Happiness or Best Wishes.

And a double decker bus cookie favor. Yum! I just love giving edible favors to guests.

I was introduced to some new concepts at shower throwing. Did I mention this was my 10th bridal shower to assist in throwing? I guess you can teach an old bridesmaid new tricks.

I had never heard of the Purse Game before in the category of, what else, bridal shower games. In case you haven’t either…you just make a list of items that can be found in a woman's handbag including bizarre items like a shoe, a rock, or anything weird you can think of. Give a point value to the items you list. The guest with the most points wins.  Just leave a list for the guests to keep track of on their own while you're playing hostess and waiting for the guest of honor to arrive.

Or don’t.

I personally hate shower games. I know. I’m a party pooper. Although finding out how consistently the bride and groom answer questions about their first date, favorite foods, future plans, etc. can be funny. I’m sure you’ve all played that one before. So basically, I like games where I can laugh at the bride (in this case, my future SIL) without having to actively participate or clean out my purse.

Here's the invitation I designed.  Relatively simple but of course I had to get some Olde English font in there.  It's a classic.

I came across this bit of fabulosity on Miss Mustard Seed's blog.  She's a repurposing genius with a paint gun (and sorta local!).  Look at the Union Jack dresser she created!  Too bad I didn't spot this gem sooner.  It would've made the perfect prop/gift for the London shower.

No more shower planning in my near future. This weekend I am kicking off 2011 wedding season on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. I will let you know how the country cover band brings down the house. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go get a spray tan.

-The perennial bridesmaid

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