Tuesday, June 8, 2010

deco'd out

I love a good centerpiece challenge...possibly one of my favorite wedding-related pieces to come up with.

My cousin’s wedding is at a very cool retro theater turned wedding venue in Boulder, CO. This is a perfect choice for the couple who are serious dancers. I can’t wait to see their first dance which is sure to be choreographed and quite memorable as the live band plays.

The bride and groom are embracing the art deco vibe that the place evokes. As a result, they’ve chosen square tables over the typical round tops. There are plenty of sharp edges & straight lines throughout such as squares and stairs.

Their color scheme is primarily red with shots of white and black. All of us bridesmaids are wearing red knee length satin dresses. Hope I’ve created a visual of the overall look and feel of this wedding because the next decision to be made is regarding centerpieces. The bride is definitely keen on using the square glass vases that she received from a friend while keeping a minimalist yet striking display.

But how?

My suggestion is to stick with monochromatic, mono-flower and one plain. In other words, craft each arrangement out of just one type of flower in either red or white with the heads all cut on the same plain in a tight cluster. Although these are simple, low arrangements in the clear glass vases, the repetition of solid colors and flowers will create a bold impact full of texture…especially because each table will have a different flower in red or white. Here is the working list that we have so far, to be repeated throughout the theater…

Carnations ($)
Tulips ($$)

Deep Red/Black
Black magic roses ($$$)

Mini Gerbera daisies ($$)
Peonies ($$$)
Mini calla lilies ($$) 

Carnations actually are quite art deco all on their own, especially in a bold red.

To achieve this look with tulips, you must poke a hole in the stem, just below the flower head. Why? Tulip stems actually continue to grow even after they are cut. If you miss this step, the tulips will look more like a wild flower arrangement than a tight cluster of flower heads.

Black Magic roses are a very cool alternative to your standard red roses like a Charlotte. You get a much richer color out of a Black Magic. Allow the flower heads to open slightly before arranging them.

Peonies may not be available since they’re traditionally a summer flower. The texture is an amazing cross between a rose and carnation, either of which could be subbed in for the peony.

Can you picture it?

-The perennial bridesmaid


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