Tuesday, June 15, 2010

white wedding

Last Friday I was a bridesmaid in my first all white wedding. This was a relatively new style concept to me considering the age old rule that I have lived by.

Do not wear white to a wedding unless you are the bride!

Has this cardinal dress code rule been tossed? Not exactly. While a guest should still not make that fashion faux pas, it appears that the bridal party can. You know why? Because what they bride says goes!

In Friday’s case we were all instructed to wear an ivory, tea length dress that was distinctly vintage-inspired. Mine had a bit of 1950s flair with an A-line skirt covered in appliqué flower like designs…my favorite feature. It also had a boat neck with a deep V which was a nice alternative to the closet of strapless dresses I already have. Other than 50s, some of the other girl’s dresses seemed to capture 1940s styles…think form fitting, pleats & brooches.

We went with vintage themed to coordinate with the grand old mansion that the reception was held at. The bridal party complemented the décor not just in our dresses but also with our flapper-esque blue feather headbands. The blue tied in the only other accent color and the feather gave us one identifying, same feature. When allowing your bridal party to select their own dresses, I think it is important to have a similar accessory on each girl.

The groomsmen also went with the theme. Not in white but in formal, vintage-inspired tuxedos with tails. Haven’t seen those in awhile but it only seemed right on point with the rest of us.

Although, the bride’s gown was a new Maggie Sottero, it evoked lots of lace and beading detail reminiscent of the 20s and 30s. She looked stunning and stood out amongst her white-clad entourage. There was no mistaking the bride in this bunch!

Fortunately, we had perfect weather. June in Philadelphia can be traditionally hot and humid which is a combination that doesn’t agree with me! The humidity and heat went away for a few days and sent calm, early spring-like weather instead which was perfect for outdoor photos overlooking the river and sunset.

Apparently this white wedding trend is hot. I have already heard about another all white wedding taking place this summer. Maybe we can blame it on P.Diddy and his “white parties”. Either way, this is a refreshing option for summer weddings. Just don’t spill anything on your dress.

-The perennial bridesmaid

Check out some of the pictures that inspired the white wedding bride to execute her idea.

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