Wednesday, May 26, 2010

work it out

I was at my regular Tuesday evening rowing class last night when it hit me…

I looked around at the other members. There was the middle aged woman in the corner. She’s always talking about her son’s upcoming wedding – the MOG.

Next to her was the young, skinny blonde who actually makes it to the class everyday. She was discussing her recent tasting with the MOG. Mmm, did I overhear “tasting”? Now I understand why she makes it everyday. She’s a bride and rowing is her bridal workout.

Then there were 2 new girls in their mid 20s. One had on a large engagement ring. She was trying the class out for the first time. Her rock was so enormous that I thought it might get in the way of her reps…or at the very least throw off the weight of the dumbbells so her left bicep would be larger than her right. Anyway, by the end of the class she signed up for her bridal workout. I’m guessing she’s a fall bride.

The instructor told us about a bride that he just trained. Her big day arrived last week and, as her trainer, he was pleased with the results. She clearly met her wedding workout goals.

Then there was me – the perennial bridesmaid cluelessly rowing away in the other corner.

How did I not realize this sooner? I’ve joined some sort of bridal boot camp!

-The perennial bridesmaid


  1. Can we talk about how this idea of getting in shape for a wedding is slightly offensive? Why do we have to look like different people on the day that we are making commitment for life? If he proposed to you with love handles, he's signing up for them for life, like it or not! How many of these brides are going to keep working out after the wedding?
    I commend you for working out regardless of an impending wedding date.
    Besides, this is why there are spanx and wedding dresses are generally huge enough to hide whatever you want.

  2. Well put Leigh! VERY FUNNY POST! Hahaha!!