Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Bridal showers come with many themes. Traditionally they are for women close to the bride to come celebrate and, well, shower her with gifts. Untraditionally, they are cocktail parties, brunches, pseudo-bachelorette parties, picnics, dinner parties with other couples and so on. I have just heard of the most untraditional shower to date…the unspoken fundraiser! This could become tradition near you…

The bride and groom were not only expecting their wedding to come soon but they were also expecting their first born. Why not just make it a baby/bridal shower? Heck, it saved my friend, a guest, another Sunday afternoon travelling out to east bumble by having the combo shower. Guests came with two gifts - one for baby and one for parents-to-be, er, bride and groom. The heavy lifting was done and now it was time for the guests to set their multiple gifts down and enjoy a tea sandwich.

While enjoying their lunch, guests were bombarded with 50/50 raffle tickets. I think they were 3 for $5 or something obnoxious like that. Anyway, bridesmaids/aunts-to-be wouldn’t let up. “Support the couple in starting their new life together!” After the third attempt, my friend purchased a few tickets. It didn’t take long for her to realize that this shower was merely a fundraiser for the couple.

Hanging from a ceiling was an upside down umbrella. It was a shower after all! Next up on the itinerary, the money toss! I kid you not. The umbrella was used to capture any loose change guests could toss up into it.

Loose change? Raffles? Weren’t the two gifts enough of an offering to the couple, their baby & their future? My friend won a “prize” at the raffle. You guessed it, ch-ch-ch-chia!

BTW, the couple raised $318.47 toward their future.

-The perennial bridesmaid

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  1. this is CRAZY! and ALL that awkwardness for $318?? That really is loose change when it comes to a wedding budget or raising a child.

    I've thought about making my shower (should I even have one) be a fundraiser, but not for myself. For a cause! People are shelling out gifts, cash, gas money, cards, and precious time for the entire engagement up until the wedding. Why not take people's good will and put it towards something that is important to the bride and groom? Who needs more loose change, sheet sets, or silly lingerie?