Wednesday, January 27, 2010

no, thank you

Ah, writing the dreaded wedding thank you notes. This task can seem endless and overwhelming. Only 200 thank you cards to go... Why not just send out a canned thank you? Select your favorite wedding photo and print ‘thank you. xo’ on it.

Wait! How about reconsidering and just writing the personal thank you cards?  (Feel free to still include the photo.)

I have noticed an increasing trend in these canned wedding thank yous. Have you seen them? They tend to look like the holiday photo cards that everyone is sending with a snapshot of their family and a 2 line message. That is fine for Christmas since it is just meant to be a greeting but in the case of acknowledging your wedding gifts, it seems a bit impersonal. I am speaking from the perspective of guest/gift giver. I am sure that many newlyweds would argue with me that it is a tedious task to write a personal message for 200 guests.  Bring it on.

I consider myself to be a modern gal. I love technology and the ability it has to make life simple and easy at times. Unfortunately, I do not feel that this is one of those times. I am old school when it comes to etiquette and I believe that a personal thank you is much better received, no matter how brief it may be. It is important for me, the gift giver, to know that you actually received and acknowledged my specific gift. I am pretty sure that I am not the only one that feels this way but if you don’t, please tell me if I am being completely old fashioned with this expectation.

I should wrap up my rant by remembering that a canned thank you is better than no thank you.

-The perennial bridesmaid/ Emily Post fan club president


  1. I agree with you. It is so very important...Speaking of..we need to work on my wedding thank yous!!!