Monday, January 4, 2010

what happens in vegas…

Should stay there.

A friend of mine recently received a save the date outlining an acquaintance’s wedding plans.  The nuptials are due to take place in Las Vegas.  Side note, it is the first wedding for both.  All are welcome to join them at whatever little white seedy wedding chapel they chose.  If you can’t make the trek cross country, you can fortunately relive their experience when they return at their VFW style celebration complete with poker and faux slot machines.

The save the date was complete with Vegas-esque photos of the couple.  Naturally.  Here’s where it actually gets ugly…the tag line reads “sure to be a gamble”! I’m not sure that stating that your marriage is a gamble is the best form of advertising your relationship in an era when the divorce rate exceeds 50%.

Was it meant to be cute?  Maybe shocking.  Hey, I’m talking about it afterall.  If the Vegas theme is your thing and you don’t want to do the whole big white wedding then go for it, but please find a better pun on Las Vegas than “sure to be a gamble”.

-The perennial bridesmaid

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