Friday, January 29, 2010

less is more

…when it comes to centerpieces anyway.

I am a floral designer who is guest blogging for the perennial bridesmaid today to talk centerpieces with you. As it relates to the wedding flowers, only bouquets should play a larger role in the décor AND budget than centerpieces.

Did you know that etiquette says you should be spending the same amount on each centerpiece that you are spending per plate for your guest?

So if you are feeding each guest $125 Filet Mignon, then your pedestal centerpieces should cost you roughly $125 each! I’ve been helping brides plan their wedding flowers for almost 6 years now and trust me; almost no one follows this rule. The truth is, by the time the bride and her family have gotten to the flowers, they’ve maxed out on almost every other area and are already thinking, “I can cut back on the flowers to make up for it.” And that’s ok. There are lots of ways to do it! Let me tell you how…

One of the most popular centerpiece ideas I have been hearing about lately is the “composite” centerpiece. This is where you have several vases on each table, usually a different flower type in each vase, all in the same color scheme. While this style looks beautiful, simple and covers a lot of table space it is NOT budget friendly.

The vases that are used in these schemes are usually cylinders or cubes which are premium glassware. The flowers that are used in these vases, except for hydrangea, require a lot more stems than you would imagine to fill the opening of the vase. The labor to put them all together is multiplied by the number of vases. So if you’d like 3 vases on your table; one with white hydrangea, one with white roses and one with white orchids, you have 3 times the glassware, 3 times the flowers and 3 times the labor. And that all equals, you guessed it: expensive!!

If you’re into this look, do yourself a favor and supply the vases to your florist. Head to your local Home Goods, Tuesday Morning, your favorite second hand store, yard sales or better yet, IKEA and find yourself a collection of vases that sorta look the same. They don’t have to be exactly the same because who’s gonna notice? Plus, the different vases will add charm. This will cut back substantially on your bottom line.

Choose large headed flowers: hydrangea, alstromeria, ‘Moon Series’ carnations, gerbers, etc. to fill up the vase faster.

If you’re not totally attached to the composite idea, go ahead and embrace the less expensive “one vase” option. Lay it on a bed of moss for the organic look instead of the overdone mirror. Surround it with seashells for a beach theme. Scatter cork tops from wine bottles around it for the wine connoisseur couple.

Think outside the vase, I mean, box!

-Renee Tucci, floral designer

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