Wednesday, February 10, 2010

cabin fever

It’s been snowing in Philadelphia for 24 hours. Snow on top of snow from last weekend’s storm. Philly has officially had the snowiest season in its recorded history! As a result, I can’t get out of my house. I can’t interact with anyone in person. I definitely can’t do much in the wild wedding world.

I have cabin fever.

All of this snow has me thinking…what if you planned a wonderful winter wedding? And then a nor’easter comes to town. You can’t reschedule! Do you pack up all of the filets, take ‘em home and freeze ‘em?

Currently, there are major highways in Philadelphia that are shutdown to drivers. The National Guard is monitoring these roads to ensure that no one attempts to drive on them. No joke. In fact, the entire city is shutdown. What if this was your wedding day?

I clearly remember the blizzard of ’93. Nearly 3 feet of snow dumped over the area in a matter of hours on a Saturday afternoon. A local couple planned their wedding for early March, which happened to fall in the path of that blizzard. The wedding still occurred although many guests were not able to attend. Fortunately local guests with SUVs did make it. The bottom of the bride’s dress was covered in slush. The original DJ couldn’t make it so he sent his partner who didn’t have the list of reception songs. The wedding was even featured on the news.

It was not the fairy tale wedding that they planned but it gave them a tale to tell for the rest of their lives.

-The perennial bridesmaid

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