Sunday, February 14, 2010

vday wedding

Happy Valentine’s Day!

So you find yourself considering a Valentine’s Day wedding. Why not? The holiday has been around since 496 A.D. and is obviously associated with love and romance. Even the most cynical people associate February 14th with love. Well I’ve put together a few pros and cons to take into consideration if you want to tie the knot on Vday.  Let me start off with the negative points...

  • As a former florist, I know how expensive flowers are on and around February 14th; particularly roses. You will definitely pay a premium for your flowers.
  • Red and pink are obviously associated with the day but that may not be an appealing color scheme for your wedding. It can be a bit juvenile...especially all of those hearts.
  • Hello, it is sooo cold in February. There is snow in 49 states currently! True story. I saw it on the news. You are bound to run into logistics with guests travelling in mid-Feb.


  •  February is not a common month for weddings so you may be able to negotiate a pretty good deal on a venue especially if you choose a location that does not serve Valentine’s Day dinner normally.
  • If you do like red & pink and the whole heart theme, it will be super easy for you to run with DIY favors, centerpieces & other accents.
  • It’s the most romantic day of the year and it will be your anniversary every year!
-The perennial bridesmaid

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