Monday, February 22, 2010


It just occurred to me today that I have numerous wedding-related lists going at any given time. Well that didn’t just occur to me. I knew about the numerous lists but my crazy organization (or lack there of) of these lists just occurred to me so I decided to make a list about my lists.

I might have lost my mind. I am not sure if I am extremely organized and therefore need multiple lists OR maybe I’m actually not organized at all and that’s why I need so many types of lists to begin with. You decide.

Here is a look into my obsessive compulsive list making tactics.

  • Post-it – This is typically a scribbled shorthand shopping list stuck to my purse so I don’t forget to get the moisturizer that provides the right glow or the shower gift I pre-selected (from a registry LIST). The only problem with this list is that I am usually scrambling to find it. It is usually crumbled at the bottom of my bag. I do enjoy physically crossing things off the list though. It is very rewarding.
  • Legal pad – More organized than the post it list for sure. I typically use the legal pad as a supply list of items that needed to be ordered for making invitations or centerpieces. I find the left column to be handy to record quantity…or simply to doodle in. The downside to this list is that it tends to get messy as I add and remove items.
  • Excel – The list looks so clean when it’s all typed up and organized. I use this format for tracking shower RSVPs. As guests reply, I simply query their name and mark an X in the yes or no column. You don’t even need to be online for this list to be efficient. And then I can create a formula to determine the total Yeses and Nos.
  • Word – The legal pad goes online and alleviates the messy issue for adding and removing items. Columns aren’t as functional for excel. I tend to use this listing format for jotting down ideas to post about here. Plus spell check cleans it up for me so I can think a little less about spelling and more about listing.
Web based
  • Google docs – I am addicted to listing things on the Google doc that is comparable to excel. It serves the exact same function as excel BUT I can access this list from anywhere AND I can share it with other users. I am currently using a Google list for tracking bachelorette party RSVPs with my co-planner. We can both contribute to the list without sending it back and forth. What a simple yet efficient invention.
  • Outlook Calendar – I find I use this one as my web base post-it list. Basically, my lunchtime errands find themselves jotted down in the noon slot on any given day. Then, surprise, I get a reminder about what shower gift I need to go buy. The reminder function here is just so clever…otherwise I’d have to write a post it to remember to check this calendar.
  • PDA – I use my PDA for the calendar function on the go. I get my shopping lists sent directly to my pocket complete with a reminder. I can also access my Google docs from my PDA as well.
I hope you enjoyed my list about lists. Please tell me what kind of list maker you are. Maybe I can learn and improve on my tactics.

-The perennial bridesmaid

P.S.  As I finished typing this an Outlook calendar reminder popped up. It was labeled ‘shopping list’. I opened the list to cross reference it with my post-it list stuck to my purse.

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